Long-Term Internship

Our Long-Term Internship Program is open to anyone who wishes to stay and work on our farm longer than one month. Interns work on many of the same projects as our short-term volunteers, but unlike the volunteers, interns have the opportunity to gain professional experience managing and developing an organic farm. On top of that, a longer stay on the farm means a deeper, more profound understanding of all things related to organic farming and the practice of permaculture—indeed, long-term interns receive the greatest education we have to offer.

To become an intern, you must first be a volunteer. If after three weeks of volunteering you feel that you are ready to become a long-term intern, you will submit your Internship Proposal and the payment of 10,000 baht for a two-month stay (paying for food, accommodation and general operating costs.) After two months of your internship, we will assess your passion for organic permaculture and your value to our farm. If we enjoy having you around, the remainder of your stay will be free! 

Internship Proposal

 Complete and submit the form below, or send proposal direct to sahainan@gmail.com.

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Interns may sometimes be assigned extra tasks around the farm. Please check the following tasks you are willing and able to complete: