80 Days Carpentry Internship & Volunteering Program

Have you ever dream of building houses or furniture with your own hands?

Our 80days Carpentry Internship & Volunteering Program is open to anyone who wishes to stay and learn on our farm for 80 days, especially to develop skill on natural building and carpentry. You will build a house together with Ajarn Sandot, an experienced carpenter and PDC instructor who built more than 50 natural buildings and conducted more than 80 permaculture courses. He loves building with simple tools such as machete and optimize all the local materials available around. He plans to construct a new proper house mainly with teakwood and bamboo in the farm starting on July 2019, he welcome anyone who are interested to participate in this project anytime. He will start from designing the house with the material available, according to permaculture design principles, construct the whole structure (including toilet, rooms, kitchen, roof etc.), decorations, making furniture including wood carving….and many more so make sure you don’t miss this special chance! We can’t tell how long will this project will go on until completed, but if you participant on the half way of it, we will love to explain you how we started it so you have the whole idea of building! Also, we will always update this project on our Facebook page so you can follow the process and know what is happening. There are so many interesting skills and techniques that Ajarn Sandot uses in his works, which are so simple and useful, and he loves to share with everyone! Do you believe that you can build a house? Are you ready to hold your own machete?

By staying with us, you can also choose to participate many of the same projects as our short-term volunteers, and have the opportunity to gain professional experience managing and developing an organic farm. On top of that, a longer stay on the farm means a deeper, more profound understanding of all things related to organic farming and the practice of permaculture—indeed, longer-term interns receive the greatest education we have to offer.

By being a volunteer in Sahainan for 80 days or more, we offer you a free 10 days Practical Permaculture Course (usually it costs 8800baht for normal student) when you are staying here, please check on our website for the detail and time table of the course. The cost of this program is 16000 baht for 80 days including food, accommodations, a Practical Permaculture Course with certificate, and the experience constructing together with Ajarn Sandot. We could provide the writing of invitation letter for a 90 days visa from our farm. Please email us if you are interested.

After the 80 days, we will assess your passion for organic permaculture sustainable life style and your value to our farm. If we enjoy having you around, the remainder of your stay will be free, exchanging with your farm operating and managing. Means, you can stay as long as you want with us without paying more money!